Best Kodi Skins 2018- Top Kodi Krypton Skins

As you guys aware of one fact that Kodi is one of the best open source entertainment platforms in the streaming media content like TV shows and Movies. Users of Kodi can customize the Media center by using Best Kodi Skins or themes in 2018. Also check out the list of the Best Kodi Addons.

This open-source platform allows users to watch their favorite video streaming content anytime via their smartphone devices anywhere without taking any subscription. But we recommend you to always use any Best VPN for Kodi while accessing best Kodi add-ons because by using VPN you are completely secure against any type of copyright issues.

Below we are going to use some of the Best Kodi Skins 2018, so you can choose the best skin for Kodi according to your taste.

How to Change Your Kodi Skin?

So now, we are going to explain how you can change your Kodi skin, and if you don’t know how to change it, then follow this easy to follow guide on changing the skin of Kodi.

  • You should click on the icon System give on the left side.
  • Now click on the interface settings tab now.
  • Now tap on the skins option.
  • Now you need to explore your favorite skin, and if you are not sure about any skin then you can tap on Getting More tab.
  • The Get More option that allows you to explore numerous Kodi skins.

Best Kodi Skins for 2018 – Top 10

Below you can find out “Best Kodi Skins” that you can use to customize your own media center and here is the list of Kodi Skins below:


Once you open this app home page, you will understand clearly that this Kodi Skin is a completely modified version of Apple TV. So those who are Apple fanboy, and want to use their media center same like Apple TV, this skin is made for you.


If you are looking for Best Skin for Kodi that comes with clean and beautiful interface then you should try Kodi Pellucid. The skin just looks like Omni because it has also left menu placed exactly like Omni. For those who are die-hard Kodi fans who want to enjoy the live streaming on your Kodi media center and you should check this quality Pellucid Kodi Skin.


Amber is listed in almost every Best Kodi Skins List of 2018 for sure because it is one of the best Kodi skins that suitable for new Kodi users. This skin comes with a user-friendly interface that helps users to watch their desired video content anytime.



Omni is a tremendous looking Kodi skin. The Kodi skin exclusively offers a brilliant menu that allows users to navigate quickly. The users can access the main menu and submenu from every window. However, you cannot expect more freedom of customization from this Kodi skin.



Titan is one of those Kodi skins that provide you simplicity at its best. What makes this skin different from the rest is its structure and flow of info. It doesn’t complicate things to all since you can easily search for all the basic information at once place.

Aeon Nox

When you need to explore some special kind of Kodi skin that comes with a tremendous interface, you should crack the shot on Aeon Nox. This Kodi skin provides a huge list of customizable settings to the users. These settings provide you to customize your skin with unique colors, themes, and fonts. Hence you can modify the overall outlook of the main menu to the next level.



YES, it another Kodi skin but you might don’t know that SiO2 is the best skin that allows users to enjoy their favorite content through few clicks only. Furthermore, the skin provides the outlook of Apple TV user interface to the users, and surprisingly, the skin doesn’t come with any kind of customizability feature.



Kodi Rapier has an attractive and modest interface that comes with the attention of Kodi users in very less time. The skin offers a list of customizable options that you can use to convert your basic skin into good-looking media center accordingly.

Kover 2


Kover 2 is an efficient Kodi skin 2018 that you should definitely try to grab the best information without cluttering your screen. Furthermore, you can change the various sections of the interface via the help of Kover Kodi feature. The features help users to provide a professional outlook to the interface without applying specialized skills at all.


The box is a highly designed version of Namu, it is one of the best Kodi skins 2018 where the best thing about this skin is that the mouse and touch support features come with this skin. It allows users to use the skin on any device and Box has a great feature of Kodi touch skin. If you want to experience all the required features in your pocket, Box is the right choice for you to use on Kodi.

Arctic: Zephyr


Arctic: Zephyr is one of the best skins for Kodi that comes with both functionality and attractiveness at single place. So all the Kodi users must try this amazing Kodi skin to design their own layout of their media centers according to their taste.

All Kodi users will not be able to use the mouse and touch support feature to navigate through the menu. So there is no harm to assume the Kodi skins have played a crucial in optimizing the success of the platform.

The best thing is, these skins can transform the outlook of your media center by improving the features f your Kodi setup. Moreover, you can change the Kodi skins according to your style and here is how you can modify your Kodi skins without any issue.

Final Verdicts

We hope you find this post on Best Kodi Skins in 2018 useful while searching for Best Skins of Kodi. So if you like this post then please share it with your friends and family who frequently uses Kodi to entertain themselves.

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