How To Factory Reset Amazon Firestick and Fire TV

There is no doubt at all that both Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick works tremendously fine on all supporting devices and at the same time, you need to reset amazon fire tv stick via a switch on/off button which is standard in tech equipment’s these days.

If you are fed up with the switch on and off, then you must try this guide on how you can get your Fire TV back in the fresh condition.

How To Reset Amazon Firestick

Why Should You Reset Amazon Fire TV Stick?

When you are using devices that come with inbuilt operating systems, sometimes there are some minor issues in the machine which you cannot find yourself on Amazon’s Fire TV. At the same time, the main switch stops responding, and maybe it ends finding your Wi-Fi network too.

We are sure that you are fed with one more thing that, you need to enter your Amazon Prime details plenty of times and still it won’t work at all on phone home and load your prime library faster.

Well, we are not encouraging you to take solid strategy to fix your gadgets, but sometimes you need to have some new tricks to fix your devices when they stop working at all. Well, now you need to understand one thing that, sometimes factory reset is the only thing that you need to perform on your devices because it will improve plenty of errors on your device.

So, you might think that how you can reset your amazon fire TV stick with easy to follow method, and here it is, we are presenting you the complete guide below.

How to Reset Your Fire TV Stick?

Here in this guide, we are going to give your Fire TV a hard kick on the reset button, but we are promoting any action like this but, if your Amazon Fire TV Stick stuck, then you have to perform this operation.

Well, there are only two methods you can follow that, with the System Menu and with the Remote Control Button combined action.

If you want to jump to the reset option, then you can do so by holding your remote control back button and the right button on your Fire Stick TV for only 10 seconds until your reset screen comes on your display.

  1. You can also follow safe but longer process, via the System Menu by going down the sidebar menu until you got Settings.
  2. Then scroll right once you start getting the System Menu.
  3. Now scroll down to the slide menu until you see “Reset to Factory Defaults” and select it.
  4. When prompted, enter your PIN code, if you’ve set a security PIN code on your device.

A note regarding the security PIN, and if you’re resetting your Fire TV because it will not connect with your Wi-Fi and you cannot reset your PIN protected Fire TV Stick unless your device will connect with your PIN and it will be correct.

  1. Now, select “Reset” button.
  2. That’s it.

Final Verdicts

So now your Amazon Fire TV Stick will restart, and you can follow this guide again if your device is fresh and comes out of the box now. So, if you like this guide on fixing and Reset Amazon Fire TV Stick easily, then you share it on your social profile.

If you have any more queries regarding Amazon Fire TV Stick, than please drop your questions in the comment section below and we will reply you back with the solution.

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