Top Best Kodi Krypton Addons

Kodi officials, asked Kodi users to keep their Kodi player updated to the latest version to the reduce possible security risks in their recent statement and if you don’t know which version is the latest version of Kodi, than it is Kodi Leia 18 that is the newest version of Kodi that has no security bugs and every Kodi user should updated their Kodi player to this version.

Must Know Things:

If you want to stream your favorite show or movie on Krypton Addons without connecting any VPN (Virtual Private Network), then you should beware! You are compromising your privacy and security.

So now you should switch your mode to the Best Kodi VPN so you will be protected and no one will catch your identity and you can safely use copyrighted stuff and never got any DMCAs issue and at the same time, Kodi VPN will unblock geo-restricted content.

List of Top Best Kodi Addons

So now you are going to get one of the Best Kodi Addons 2018 edition lists and now all our Kodi audience can take their Kodi device to the next level. So now let’s understand what kind of Kodi Addons you can use in 2018 and access them with the Live TV channels, Latest movies, TV shows and Sports Tournaments and much more.

With plenty of surveys, we create a collection of Top 10 Best Kodi Addon where all Krypton Ver 17.6, Jarvis Ver 16 and leia 18 you can stream unlimited TV shows, Live Sports, documentaries, movies, and other media content. Below we have mentioned the entire top 10 Kodi addons list:

  1. Covenant
  2. Exodus
  3. Bennu
  4. Gurzil
  5. Sports Devil
  6. Elektra Vault
  7. Neptune Rising
  8. Uncoded
  9. Not Sure
  10. Cartoon HD

These are most popular Kodi Addons List but we have tons of addons in a different genre and you can access them and understand with below sections where we cover different types of addons in different sections so all you need is to check which type of Kodi addons you want for your Kodi Krypton Device.

Best Kodi Addons for Movie Streaming


Some Kodi users know that Exodus can be installed via but it has been shut down due to copyright infringement. Therefore, Exodus addon will be installed from other repositories that you can find below:

  • XvBMC Repo:

While looking for Best Kodi Addon for Movie Streaming that developed by Lambda, is one and only Exodus addon for Kodi. This addon comes with a sleek, simple and easy to understand interface that exactly lookalike Netflix. It also allows users to find users favorite content with all the cast names and roles. As it comes with tons of offers, Exodus enhances your user experience while supporting Real-Debrid, All-Debrid, and IMDB.

With Exodus, you can stream videos where the unparalleled reputation of Kodi users. Exodus always had tremendous popularity between their long-term users because it has a library that updates daily with Movies, Live TV Channels, TV Shows and much more and with Exodus Search feature now Kodi users can find their favorite content in seconds.

Kodi users can easily find their amazing best movies and TV shows that are categorized by year, genre, top-ranked, highly rated and most watched.


Well, you must be looking for Exodus if you haven’t liked it, so Covenant is the best alternative to Exodus for all Kodi users who want something new and want to taste different movies and TV shows.

When all best TV Addons hide from the Kodi world and because of this, Exodus popularity stops providing regular updates. Covenant, is one of the most popular Kodi addons and it is an addon that is much more stable than our previous player Exodus or other entertainment addons.


Triton Kodi addon is the ultimate Kodi addon that brings movies and TV shows in HD quality to you. With Triton, you can update yourself with all the new movies and TV shows that are best for you to watch high definition movies. You can find this amazing addon on Soulless Build Repository.


There are millions of Kodi users that might be familiar with popular Kodi addon called Exodus. Gurzil is the Exodus fork and you can take it as the best substitute for Exodus. After the team of Exodus, developers called it quit, and many new Kodi addons emerged with Gurzi. It can be easily found in the Smash Repository.

Extreme Odyssey

While looking for Best Movies and TV Shows Kodi Addons, if you don’t consider the Extreme Odyssey than you are losing something amazing, so grab it now from Illuminati Repository.

It was very well organized sections and categories for Movies, TV shows, Sports etc. Users can even integrate their Trakt account and they can search for best media content.


Exodus Kodi was a great Kodi addon that ruled the Kodi community after its release and however, ever since the updates stopped, many exodus forks came out and present well. Yet, not all of them were up to the mark.

Placenta Kodi Addons is a fork of Exodus and it has been creating some headlines that come with more options and better streams. Developed by Mr. Blamo and Muad’Dib, and it is an addon that is available in Blamo Repository.


RP1 is a new entrant in the Kodi community and it is known as surely a recommend-able addon where it is a video addon that has categories like Movies, TV shows etc. RP1 has tons of potential and we recommend the users to download it.

New Latest Kodi Addons


In the list of all available IPTV addons, only a few of them are useful and reliable that is tried and tested for good quality content. Invictus is another tremendous addon for Kodi device, that has reliable and best quality of media stuff for entertainment and sports streaming. This addon has a variety of categories and it can be downloaded via Illuminati repository.


Insomniac is one of the great IPTV Kodi Addon from the Illuminati repository. It has a good variety of 24/7 entertainment and sports streams and it comes with sub-categories as well. As the name mention that all the Insomniacs would surely love this addon for the best quality streams, it provides to the users.

Best Kodi Krypton Sports Addons


SportsDevil is the dedicated live streaming and catches up TV addon for sports fanatics. SportsDevil comes with a huge number of sports streaming channels for Cricket, Tennis, Football, Ice Hockey, Racing, Cycling and plenty of more sports.

Each and every Football and cricket fans, SportsDevil is one of the favorite Kodi add for the long list of streaming channels that are designed to provide you live events, highlights, catch up TV, pre and post matches with SportsDevil. It has 12 sports channels that are dedicated for English premier league and all sports fans can enjoy all the matches live on below channels.

  • SkySports
  • Fox Sports
  • BT Sports
  • ESPN 1 & 2
  • Box Nation
  • Racing UK
  • Sony Six & Set Max
  • Star Sports, plus hundreds more.


In this vast list of Kodi addons for watching sports content on Kodi, we have AceStream that has features which helps you to use BitTorrent protocol. This is not your ordinary addon per say. AceStream is a streaming platform that runs via its own media player. To run AceStream on Kodi, you need to have Plexus player.

Plexus is a program addon that is available in Fusion repository and once you have this Plexus player, you can update the module and run streams via AceStream on to Kodi.

Rising Tides

Rising Tide comes with so many useful features that have live sports channels including Bein Sports, BT Sports, ESPN, and Fox Sports. It is available in Mulla Fabz Repository. The addon has so many options for watching sports channels that make this repository more interesting for sports fans. You may find some of the sections empty, but you don’t need to worry about and you will find countless channels in other options.


Deliverance is the one of the latest Kodi addon that is damn popular between all the SportsDevil and Castaway Sports addon fans. Deliverance was launched at the right time and this is why it gained tremendous hights in the sports addon category.

It comes with best and hugely popular due to the live sports channels, while presenting the viewers with experience to view highlights of games that you missed and it is must have sports addon.

Best Kodi Addons for Football Streaming

We all love soccer and Football is known to be one of the most favorable game in the entire world and what better fact can describe it and the number of watchers it has. Football is the only sport that is watched more than any other sports and football fans are present in all around the world. We have listed some best Kodi addons for Football, and make sure you give them a try.

NetStreams Sports

If you are looking for the best sports Kodi add, then you must checkout NetStream Sports Addons for Kodi devices where you can experience tons of sports content such as Football, Rugby, Basketball, Cricket etc. NetStreams Kodi addon provides high standard streams with quick buffering speed.

Falcon Sports

Falcon Sports Kodi Addon comes with 24/7 live uninterrupted sports streaming action. There are so many stream links that are just one-click links and they play every stream with an amazing quality and speed.


DAZN, pronounced as Da Zone, and it is a premium sports addon that is used to be just like the Netflix for sports category. It has a subscription fee of $20 and we are damn sure that you will not regret spending on this addon, you should definitely try this addon.

Eurosport Player

Eurosport Player Kodi addons will help Kodi users while they are looking for streaming Football events in the world of Kodi. We loved one thing about Eurosport Player that, this addon comes with a feature where you will get on-demand content stuff for free. However, Kodi users have to sign-up for this to access this feature.

It is supported by PC, Mac, Fire TV/Fire Stick, Android or Raspberry Pi and you can download Eurosport player via this.

Best Kodi Addons for PPV

PPV is one of the best things that help Kodi users to watch when they are into streaming and binge. However, users always face issues with it. That is why we have shared some of the best Kodi addons for PPV.

Vader Streams

A Kodi user knows that they cannot enjoy PPV without having high-quality streams, and because of this we highly recommend users to try this Vader Streams Kodi addon. Well, it is a premium addon that needs a subscription. It comes with best links for all the pay-per-view events in the Kodi world.


Veetle comes with flash-enabled streams that make it different from others. It has some awesome PPV categories to view. Veetle Kodi addon has tremendous functionality and speed for providing Good quality streaming and you can download and install Veetle with SuperRepo.


FTFA Kodi addon is the ultimate example of a streaming source for PPV Events, and all the PPV fans can use it. Users can use real debrid and URL resolver with this addon to increase the user experience and you can download FTFA Kodi addon via this.

Best Kodi 4K Video Addons for Best Streaming Quality


Nemesis is the newest induction in the Kodi world, but you might be happy to know that, its features have the nag of surprising Kodi users. It offers 4K video resolution that is better than 1080p resolution. You can stream movies and TV shows in 4K resolution with Nemesis Kodi addon. However, this feature comes at a price and for Nemesis to work; it needs to sign up with Real-Debrid that cost €16 for 6 months subscription.


If you want to stream Kodi content in high quality 4K standard videos than Atom is one of the best Kodi addon for best streaming quality. It is one of the most trustable addons in Kodi addons. Atom has different categories such as Movies, TV shows, Live IPTV, and Kids Movies. Each and every category comes with 4K videos links and it offers one of the best video streaming experience.

Real Movies

Real Movies addon is known as one of the best premium looking Kodi addon for Kodi users to watch their favorite movies in 4K, HD, and 3D Video quality. It has the main category called Boxsets (TV Channels), Movies, Comedy section and so much more.

Best Kodi Krypton Addons for MP3/Radio Streamers


TuneIn is not just a Radio addon for PC and Mobile but it is one of the best radio addons for Kodi enthusiasts. Basically, TuneIn is the best solution for Kodi users who listen to music on the go using their smartphones and tablets with Kodi. You can use the conventional browse feature for finding the best music stations by location, language, and Genre, or simply find for stations you like.

If you subscribe to a free account on TuneIn, you can always sync your best radio stations directly to the Kodi media player. When not in the mood for your routine playlists, and go for a random radio trip across the world with TuneIn for Kodi.

Rave Player

Rave Player Kodi addon is available for all millions of Kodi users worldwide for quite a while now, and every Kodi users know that it never failed to provide entertainment to the Kodi users with the amazing music library collection and the ease of use.

The Music Source

This Kodi addon undoubtedly amazes the users with something unique to offer other than music. Alongside a vast music library, the music source also has live streaming feature for radio stations and Music IPTV Channels to entertain the users a little further. Apart from this, it has also designed a Music Quiz Section to expand the knowledge base of Kodi users and music lovers.

Best Kodi Addon for Live TV Streaming


If you are looking for a Kodi addon that comes with sports and other channels for entertainment, then SmoothStream is perfect for you. Here with this addon, you can have 50 live TV channels and you may stream LIVE events along with numerous television shows via SmoothStreams. There are different qualities for stream available in 540p, 720p, and 1080p.

BOB Unleashed

BOB unleashed is available in Noobs and Nerds Repository. This repository has undergone some changes and has created a new URL. The old Noobs and Nerds Repo isn’t worked at all.

It is another Kodi addon that allows you to stream movies, shows, sports and much more. One of the things, you will notice on BOB is the return of Valhalla and Blue that were previously found in Phoenix. In addition, you can stream sports, listen to your favorite music via different channels and in different languages.

Best Kodi 3D Movies Addons

When it comes to entertainment, the 3D touch is the ultimate feeling that we all want to have, and you can imagine high-quality streams but they are not 3D, it won’t be fun, and we know that we have lined up the best Kodi 3D addons for you.


Eyasses Kodi addon is available with AJ builds repository. It has the best high-quality content like 3D and 4K movies and stuff available. The streams this addon provide are quick and reliable.


Rebirth is an ultimate addon in the most popular Kodi addon Exodus that is quite popular because of the 3D and 4K streams that it provided. However, the updates now stopped, and users were not able to rely on any other addon for 3D streams. Developers of Rebirth made this fork to fill the gap left by Exodus.

Best UFC Kodi Addons to Watch UFC Fights

UFC Finest/Planet MMA

UFC Finest(Planet MMA) is quite useful and one of its kind Kodi addon because you can check the list to view the UFC events on Kodi. If you are looking for watching live events such as UFC fights then you can watch it with this addon including documentaries, TV shows, and pas UFC events. It is designed and developed for UFC PPVs because it streams all the UFC content directly on your Kodi device or Kodi softwares.


Sanctuary Kodi addon is the latest version of “Oblivion’ and has the capacity to show tons of live streaming options that includes the UFC fights. This sports dedicated streams that diverse a list of sports channels makes it the best choice for sports fans. You can access a huge library of sports with the new or old content including live streaming content that you wouldn’t want to miss.


If you are looking for SportsDevil Alternative than Castaway is the one that can fulfill your needs like SportsDevil does. This addon is somehow paving its way to becoming the next big Kodi addon in the near future. You can also watch UFC fights event along with every event that Castaway offers on Castaway Kodi Addon.

Kodi Krypton Cartoon Addons for Kids

Nikelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr

If you want to have an addon that comes with both Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon Jr. TV Shows, then we have some special for you. Your kids will be obsessed with Nickelodeon for sure. It will be much safer for your kids because it only shows programs that are suited for under-age children.

Cartoon HD

This is one of the most popular and best Kodi addon for kids that most preferred children because of it providers content that suited for children only and also because you won’t find any bad things that would harm your kid’s mental stability. You can download cartoon HD from different online platforms.

Super Cartoons Kodi

There is no better addon for watching best cartoons that Super Cartoons. The reason that puts this addon on the list of best kids Kodi addon is that it comes easily to use navigation that has been built specifically for little kids.

It comes with user-friendly design and it has already organized content in the form of categories where users can find their favorite content in Most Popular, Most Recent, and Characters will provide your kids easily fall in love with this addon.

The feature of playing random episodes have also been added just in case if your children will bored and want something extraordinary than try Super Cartoons Kodi.

Best Kodi Health and Workout Fitness Addons

Pulse Fitness

In the list of Best Kodi Fitness and workout addons, Pulse Workout Addon is probably the most famous and best of them. This addon is a perfect example of fitness addons as it informs readers about everything such as weight-lifting, yoga, diet tips, exercises and much more. A collection of motivation videos will also provide you with helps you to keep going and live a healthy life. It will further instruct the viewers on how to lose weight and be in perfect shape. This addon can be found in Kodil Repo easily.


BAMF TV is one of the best fitness and workout addon and it is more than just addons for fitness videos because you can watch all the highlights from sports like golf, cricket, and NHL. This addon has a separate section for the workout area called Insanity Workout. Here you may find plenty of videos adhering towards exercises and workout as it can be found on Super Repo easily.


Physicality addon is all about offering videos of motivation and workout programs that are quite good for individuals who are in their initial workout stage. It comes with a separate section for UFC where you can get all the information on UFC fights and stay updated to what’s happening in the life of athletes. Therefore, it is a great addon for UFC fans as well, and it can be found on Dandy Media and Kodil Repo.

Maverick TV

If you want to have best live TV addon then Maverick TV is perfect for you because it has plenty of unaware secret section such as Fitness TV where Kodi users can find tons of video guides on fitness videos for training.

To many people’s amazement, it also offers fitness videos from celebs including Beyonce. So there’s always a chance that you might want to consider this addon and it can be found in Maverick official repository.

Best Geo-Restricted Kodi Addons

There are numerous addons that will work with specific geo-locations and if you want to bypass geo-restrictions and enjoy unlimited streaming on Kodi, make sure to use a VPN. Here are some of the VPN services you can choose from:

Streamz TV

Streamz TV comes from the Brettus repository that is the best platform to watch US IPTV channels. However, it does need to use of Kodi VPN to unblock the geo restrictions. It also streams channels such as AMC, Animal Planet, VH1, BeIN Sports, CBS Reality, and much more. The reason why it makes a great IPTV addon is its greater number of channels.

Best Kodi IPTV Addons

Ultimate IPTV

Ultimate IPTV Addon is a new version of the IPTV addons family but it remains to be geo-restricted. This addon needs a good Kodi VPN to unlock all the geo restrictions to air many IPTV channels across the globe. Its videos are in HD quality, but the user-interface seems a bit complicated with no specific categories mentioned and it can be found in Kodil Repository and TK Norris Repo.


If you want to taste a premium/paid Kodi addon than ACE IPTV is one of the best of them. You can watch tremendous sports such as NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and plenty of more sports like this. ACE IPTV comes with plenty of popular channels such as BT Sport and Sky Sports. Furthermore, you can enjoy thousands of movies and TV Shows via ACE IPTV.

Sports Access

SportsAccess is a premium Kodi addon that offers sports from different parts of the world. By subscribing to the service, you can easily have an access to your favorite matches of NBA, NHL, Football also known as Soccer, and much more. The addon comes with control from plenty of channels such as SkySports. As a mode of payment, sports access only accepts Bitcoin and it might be an issue for some users.

SportsMania HD

Mania HD is another paid streaming service that is available as a Kodi addon. The monthly subscription will cost you around 12 pounds, that is roughly $16.09 per month. The yearly package offers more savings as it is available for almost $67 per year. You can also watch almost any sport on Mania HD after subscription. From soccer to American football, you name it and Mania HD will provide you and it offers thousands of content to stream online.

Best Kodi Game Addons

Twitch Gaming

Twitch gaming addon lets users watch the streams of people playing games across the globe. These are the professional gamers who can play marathon gaming events and their games are interesting to watch. This addon can be found in the official repository of Kodi and is a good choice spending your free time to watch the professionals play.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube gaming is similar to Twitch where Kodi users can watch other people play out the game and complete the all gaming marathon. This addon can be found in the YouTube addon that is official Kodi repository.

Best Kodi Weather Addons

Met Office

Met office is a Kodi addon that comes with weather information by fetching data from thousands of U.K locations. It does have features such as 5-day prediction, auto-location, minimal response time and reliable observations that help this Met Office addon to develop the good reputation.

You can download Met Office Zip File Here and Check How to install Elysium Addon and this is the process of every addon to install on Kodi.

However, there are some limitations of selecting only one location at a time that is kinda drawback in this addon. Overall, this addon is quite good and one of the Best Kodi Weather Addon.

OpenWeatherMap Extended

This addon has somewhat literal meaning to it, and just like any map, it provides detailed information about the latest weather details.

This addon also provides accurate weather forecasts and weather maps from 36 hours to 14 days. Another difference in this addon is, it needs a personal API key to perform and it also helps in frequent updates so you will never miss a single information about latest weather.

Yahoo Weather

Who hasn’t heard of Yahoo yet? Well, we don’t think you don’t know about it, right? Well, Yahoo used to be one of the most popular web services provide back in the internet market. Yahoo believed in ease and usage, and same goes for its weather addon.

East to set-up, use and understand, Yahoo weather addon is without a doubt strong recommendation. Kodi users should give it a try because it is one of the best Kodi addons. No such login requirements, no errors in installation and a user-friendly interface define the quality of this best weather Kodi addon.

Best Kodi Wrestling Addons

WWE on Demand – Watch Latest Wrestling from the World of WWE

If you are a die-hard fan of wrestling and want to catch all the action from your favorite WWE, then WWE on demand is perfect Kodi addon for you.

You will get tons of pay-per-view wrestling shows such as Royal Rumble, and WrestleMania, and with Wrestling on demand addon, you will be offered to watch the thrilling action from the World Wrestling Entertainment, like it comes with easy to stream old matches and you can watch classic matches of old wrestlers.

We Watch Wrestling

If you are looking for watching combat sports on Kodi and missing wrestling, that not acceptable. With Kodi, you can experience the best wrestling and it is kinda loved by all wrestling fans.Stream your favorite wrestling shows, events and much more via this addon.

Addons That Require Re-Installation

When you are looking for using these addons, you might feel bad because these are not available now. In order to resolve them, try reinstalling the addon or refer to error fixes discussed in the guides.


F.U.B.A.R is a one of the best creation from Mucky Duck Repo and with this, you and your family members can get entertainment for hours and hours. It has also a separate section that is known as Panda Section where you and your family can enjoy the collection of family-centric movies and TV shows that can be enjoyed while family hours. It also comes with Bollywood movies for all Indian fans out there in India.

SALTS (Stream All The Sources)

SALTS or Stream All The Sources is another one of the favorite add of millions of Kodi users to have this on their Kodi device. It comes with all new latest movies and TV shows to stream on Kodi online. SALTS is a Kodi addon from the Kodil repository and offers an alternative of 1Channel PrimeWire and other movie addons with the up-to-date library of entertainment stuff online.

It brings you all popular movies such as Inception, Deadpool, Fight Club, The Dark Night and plenty of more amazing movies. Likewise, Kodi users can also watch current latest and all trending movies such as Logan, Kong: Skull Island and much more which you can find on this addon home page.

Navi X 

Navi-X is an addon where Kodi users can watch all the latest and classic movies and TV shows and every entertainment stuff online that is released in the media industry. Alongside, it is also known as one of the oldest Kodi addon, and it is most widely trusted and used by millions of Kodi users around the world.

While checking links to movies and TV shows and Entertainment channels, all of them are tried and tested on daily basis, you might find some dead or unused link because they are not working now.

This addon would collect data from plenty of different sources and would easily merge together in one place. This is why it makes a popular addon for Kodi.


Poseidon is one of the big things in this Kodi world where it kinda has an impressive list of media stuff where it got regular updates. Poseidon is basically following the footsteps of Exodus and Covenant, while if you want to reach the height of success in its early days. This addon can be found in Noobs and Nerds repository.

Halow Live TV

This addon isn’t dependent on the assistance of SportsDevil as most sports addon would definitely require this. It provides independent links to the videos and has tremendous streaming quality. Halow also has tons of features but we love features of boxing and UFC matches, so it’s a must-have Kodi addon in your favorite list of Kodi addon.

Sports Mafia

Football fans are available in all over the world just like Mafia is situated in every corner of the world and they cannot get enough of the action. That is why Sports Mafia is must have Kodi addon and we highly recommend this for such fans who love to streaming Football and other sports. This addon is designed and developed for fans who don’t like any compromise on the streaming qualities.

Addons That No Longer Works Now 

Well, this is bad news but there are some Kodi addons that you can download from famous repositories and zip files, but they never work in your latest Kodi version. But for your in-depth knowledge of addons we have added the list of addons that are not working any longer on Kodi.


Bennu is an addon that is similar to the Kodi community when the famous Phoenix Kodi addon bit the dust. Despite Bennu being the replacement of Phoenix Kodi addon. It also offered plenty of more features and vast library than that of Phoenix.

Bennu is one of the most famous addon for streaming movies, TV shows, videos on YouTube, comedy shows, Live TV shows, Kids series, and much more for free. Bennu trusted by millions of Kodi users.

The Resistance

The Resistance is the latest addition and exact copy of Covenant and Exodus. It is also known as Best Alternative to Exodus where it has all the same categories that are available in the popular Kodi addons. These include Movies and TV shows.

Strictly HD

It is so far the Best Kodi addon in this list as it comes with all the latest entertainment movies and TV shows in high definition quality. There are strictly no links available that will show you media content in poor standard quality. So who wouldn’t want to have this addon for watching movies and TV shows in HD, this is the best place for quality viewing.


You must hear about a popular app called Mobdro, if YES, then you are wasting your time on the useless thing because now we have Mobdina addon for Kodi devices. Mobdina, started offering latest and classic movies and TV shows with the help of IPTV channels and some more Live Sports channels. Mobdina addon can easily provide you entertainment.

Safehouse Movies

With Safehouse movies, Kodi users were enjoyed tons of classic releases with high definition and standard definition quality and this all happened with the help of Dandy Media repository because it has another prolific movie addon.

Genesis Reborn 

Genesis was go-to addon earlier in the day and was later turned into Exodus. Kodi users can get the best performance streaming media content with the Jesus Box media and it is available under the name of Genesis Reborn that can download the Jesus Box Repository.


Zen is one of the leading Kodi addons for streaming movies and TV shows. It had got daily updates and Kodi users were enjoy the updated library so many that were also compatible with latest Kodi version Krypton 17.6 and earlier versions.

Once you have used Exodus, then you should try to reckon that is one of the best addon and you can stream your favorite movies, shows, anime, and documentaries and much more.

Pro Sports Kodi Addon – Best Addon to Watch Live American Sports

Pro Sports Kodi addon allows Kodi users to watch live sports. It used by so many Reddit users and all users can watch live games of NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB and it is compatible with the latest Kodi version called Krypton v17.6.

If you always late and never watched missed live matches, then this amazing pro sports Kodi addon will give you the freedom to stream replays and highlights of your favorite matches. Therefore, if you are into American sports, then it is must have Kodi addon.

Ares Fitness

Ares Fitness is a massive Kodi addon for fitness and workout freaks. This addon has tons of guides videos on performing plenty of exercises in the correct manner. Alongside, tutorial videos, it also comes with a cool collection of tips and information from Billy Banks and Jillian Michaels in leading healthier lives. This addon can be found on Ares Project.


It is counted in the most acclaimed addons because it comes with best live TV, and Zem TV has a tremendous collection of premium TV channels that are slighted from USA, UK, Pakistan, and India.

You can install ZEM TV by fusion repository, and you might be happy that Zem TV comes with so many sources which work always extremely well.

Zem TV Offers a massic list of channels in all category including sports, movies, Live TV, Live Indian TV, Pakistani political talk shows, sitcoms and much more and you can check with below list.

  1. ABC News
  2. ARYDigital UK
  3. BBC
  4. Bloomberg
  5. UKTVNow
  6. WillowTV
  7. ArenaSports
  8. Astro Super Sports
  9. beinSport
  10. BTSport
  11. TSNSport
  12. SkySports, plus many others.

Final Verdicts

We hope you like this collection of Best Kodi Addons 2018 edition and the good news for you is that you will get more addons in future in this post so don’t forget to bookmark it. If you want more addons than please drop your demand in the comment section below.

If you have any query, feedback or questions about Best Addons for Kodi, then please drop your queries in the comment section below and we will come back with the solutions.